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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Benefits of Laughter

Recently I decided I would take on some brave things in my life, face the places and aspects that make me uncomfortable. One of those things was to join an 8-week improv class at The Making Box, (https://www.themakingbox.ca) here in Guelph, we are 4-weeks in and I am both loving it and acutely aware of the angst I feel whenever I have to do something spontaneous, living from my heart vs. being in my head with a group of 15 other people.
   I have noticed that I tend to live in my head, it is my fall back; so I have begun to stretch those improv muscles, diving in and embracing going with the flow. What I have loved about this experience so far, is witnessing and experiencing the generosity of the group. A kindness towards each other is exchanged in all of our discomfort and the ability to laugh at our own quirkiness. Most of all I have loved laughing a lot.
   This got me thinking and noticing the benefits of laughing and crying, and generally the whole spectrum of human emotions we can experience.
   Emotions do not lie, and there is great value in paying attention to them. Too often we can fall into old limiting habits that we either learned growing up from our families, friends and from society overall. Such judgments as, “she is too emotional”, “you are too sensitive” or “boys don’t cry”; all of these sentiments seem illogical. Being emotional, or sensitive and/or to cry, no matter your gender, is to feel alive and something to celebrate. I believe it is the thoughts associated with these emotions that keep us stuck. Or the behaviours, the way in which we treat ourselves for having these emotions, the self-critical voice, which can rear its ugliness and keep us down and stuck.

   So the practice of loving kindness, both in tone and the actual words we choose to use, towards others and ourselves is so important to pay attention to.

   Try laughter as a remedy. You might find it helpful too. Here are some other links you might find beneficial in exploring how laughter can be thy medicine:
  1. https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/articles/200504/laughter-the-best-medicine
  2. https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/blog/the-athletes-way/201609/how-self-initiated-laughter-can-make-you-feel-better

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