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Sunday, May 4, 2014

"Creativity Needs Space to Present Itself…"

Above: A section of a collage in my art journal…..This collage explores the things that inspire my heart.

Recently I heard Robin Sharma, say in a video he shared on the benefits of journalling, "Creativity needs space to present itself."….This is so true, it resonated with my experience of journalling anyway.  Anytime I have taken the time to journal my thoughts, feelings, ideas, to do lists, it empties my brain, to make space for the creativity to flow…It truly worked like that.  

Another example of this is, when you might have had a hard time sleeping, or your mind is working a mile a minute and you are tossing and turning, for what seems like HOURS....  I have found if I just get up and write a "to do list" or journal all the things I am thinking, feeling, ruminating about…My brain empties and allows me to let go, relax and finally fall asleep.  I do this because I am tossing and turning anyway, so why not give it a try.

I am so excited about facilitating and teaching the upcoming Four-Week Gratitude Altered Books with Collage & Mixed Media program in June.  It is almost full - only a few spots are left.   Together we will be exploring gratitude, in our journals and working with a hard covered book, creating collages, acrylics and mixed media within the pages.

It has been my experience that when we express gratitude in journalling and art making we begin to see the things we didn't notice before - Or that we see things in a new light and enjoy our everyday, the more mundane aspects of life much more intensely and richly.

So here's to that lovely cup of coffee in the morning, or the feeling of warm water from the shower on our skin.  The smell of rain on the grass, or the sweet buds of violets growing all around us…The list can be endless in how we can see the beauty in our to day to day lives.   I am grateful to those who take the time to read these posts and choose to share or comment on it.  Or simply take the time to reflect privately on your own about the thoughts shared here.  Nameste!

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