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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Some altered book ideas to consider when making your own book…..

Above:  Hard covered books to alter…. 

The ingredients for choosing a book to alter include the following:

-the cover needs to be hard covered and intact with the spine
-sometimes I choose a book based on a theme of interest
-also consider the feel of the book …for instance is it thick enough for a niche or drawers
- the font, the size, the colour of the cover, any graphics that might be in the book can enhance the altered book
-If the cover or spine is ornate or embellished in anyway, it might be used as part of the design
-Sometimes the content of the book might inform the theme for your altered book or it might unfold as a part of a process carried over a few weeks, months etc. 
-pages need to be able to withstand paint, collage - heavier porous papers are best vs. shiny thin papers

Above:  Spines for altered books should be intact and strong, the best spine from this photo is the green book, the second from the bottom.  The book on the top has a spine that looks a bit too slanted to one side/direction, and this may cause the book to not sit flat…but that can be an interesting look to the overall design too depending on your vision and preference

Above:  An example of an altered book cover, the theme of this book is "Art, Nature and the Soul"…..It is an old manual on teaching art…..

Above:  Layers of pages with collage, paint techniques etc. 

Above:  A prepared niche

Enjoy choosing your books and exploring ideas, a theme for your project.   I will continue to post here some other tidbits in completing an altered book & collage process.

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